Moore Jonathan


I am a 37 year old British male. I can offer teaching to both adults and children of any ages. I offer practice with reading and writing, as well as conversational English with a native speaker.

City: Moscow
Address, district: Tverskaya, Moscow

I am a 37 year old British male, available for English lessons in the Moscow area. I am available to work with adults and or children of any age. I do not have any teaching qualifications, however I do have experience working with children in Moscow, of an age range between 3-7. My experience includes, reading with the children , writing, playing games to improve their English abilities and general conversation.
Personally I am outgoing and get on well with the children. I keep the lessons relaxed, but always ensure that the children are learning and improving. I am available to meet at a location of your choosing, or to teach online through Skype etc.

Teaching method

Currently I work with children. I use books to help assist with their reading, as well as playing English based games. I also use several online videos to help further.

If working with adults, I can again use books to help with reading, as well as offering conversation with a native speaker, to improve English abilities further. I can also assist adults with writing English.

Education, qualification

UK High School - GCSE


I have experience working with children in the Moscow area, helping to improve their English abilities.
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Location of lessons

  • At the student's location
  • Remotely

Hourly rate

за 60 минут
From  1000  To  1500  RUR
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